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A team of contractors under Dennis Alexander Construction. This team handles all your facility maintenance needs! They’re are open 24/7 for property and project management.

We believe in quality workmanship, integrity in relationships, and therefore the professionalism of our staff translates to customer satisfaction and ultimately, a reputation of distinction among our renovations and custom contracting services. We value the trust of our clients and vendors and consider our relationships to be of paramount importance. Excellence, honesty, dependability, are the values we bring as the foundational building blocks to our success.

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“Michael and I have been working together for over 10 years. As young kids, our dad taught us so many of our skills while we would help him work on his rental units and Grandpap’s bar.” Together We 







This dynamic brotherly duo manage all  aspects of the construction procedure from to  residentials and commercial jobs of all sizes.

Our expertise spans from building fine dining restaurants to travel centers, casual restaurants to drug stores, child care centers to strip shopping centers, plus a host of other types of projects. Let this solid team handle all your facility maintenance needs! We are open 24/7 for property and project management. #buildwithdac

Our team of experienced builders collaborates closely with you and the entire project team to make your vision a reality - Dennis Alexander Construction LLC



Dennis started his construction career as he was working his way through college at California University of PA. While obtaining his BS degree in psychology, he was a laborer on a framing crew in Morgantown, WV. He took a brief job after college graduation but soon found out that his career path would be as an entrepreneur. He started his company in the roofing trade, and it evolved from there. Dennis soon found himself getting involved in siding projects renovations, and new construction. as he continued to hone his skills over the next 10 years, Dennis decided to obtain his master’s degree in project management from Waynesburg University at Southpoint.

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Continuing Education

After he acquired his MBA, Dennis got involved in corporate facility maintenance world. he started servicing national brands and grew his company along with his brother and his team to double their outreach for the next 3 years.  Within the last 3 years, Dennis partnered with Cedar View Designs LLC, to provide stunning design and build solutions to his clients. the two companies also collaborated on their first residential flip house. the two plan on flipping two more homes this year. Education: California University Of PA. While obtaining his Bachelors of Science in Psychology Master’s Degree in Project Management, from Waynesburg University Accomplishment:


Dennis has reached numerous achievements throughout his construction industry to include building 25,000 + square foot structures, magazine-worthy residential additions, and some of the most creative and intuitive construction designs that you’ll see in his market segment. In 2020 after the pandemic hit. He led his team of men to Chicago to provide emergency disaster relief. Including activates such as, aiding the Chicago PD to secure the sites, report the damages, and clean up. DAC provided much-needed efforts to restore order to a city ravaged by COVID. With future aspirations to earning his electrician certification

Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander

Chief of Operations Executive

Michael Alexander’s current role is Chief of Operations in the Facility Maintenance Team. He has been with BUILDWITHDAC since the company’s infancy. Mike Alexander obtained his BSBA from California University of PA. in his free time,  Mike is a loving father of Two beautiful children ands has been married to his wife Samantha for 5 years. Michael’s biggest achievement with DAC has been his ability to implement, manage, and grow the maintenance team’s outreach. A collection of incremental goals has grown to a monumental outreach. Future projects for Mike will include the continued development and growth of the DAC operation.
JP Zimcosky

JP Zimcosky

Painting Foreman

John Paul Zimcosky’s current role with BUILDWITHDAC is Painting Foreman. He joined the team in October of 2019 after nearly six years of painting professionally. His work ethic was a fundamental part of the growth and success of the company. John Paul graduated from Fairmont State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. In his free time, he enjoys coaching kids in competitive swimming alongside his wife, Audrey. He also loves to game and spend time with friends. John Paul plans on attending training courses in the near future to learn new skill sets to help BUILDWITHDAC’s success and grow in his professional career.
Audrey Zimcosky

Audrey Zimcosky

Office Manager

Audrey Zimcosky’s current role with DAC is Office Manager. She graduated from Fairmont State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology. She recently got married to JP Zimcosky back in August of 2020. After work, Audrey and her husband co-coach an 11&Under USA swim team. Her biggest work achievement was being promoted twice within seven months for the same company. She looks forward to growing with DAC!
Tara Nohavicka

Tara Nohavicka


Tara Nohavicka’s current role with DAC is the company Administrator. She has been growing with DAC for two years.  Graduating summa cum laude from Geneva College, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. While working with DAC, she enjoys being head coach of the JV Girls team at CCPA. Tara’s biggest DAC achievement has been her flexibility to learn and grow as the company expands. She looks forward to the continued growth of BUILDWITHDAC. In her free time, Tara has the excitement of planning her August wedding and remodeling her new homestead.
Mark Tobak

Mark Tobak

Lead Maintenance Technician

Mark’s current role with DAC is Lead Maintenance Technician. His skill set brings great value to our team. Having been born in Beratzhausen, Germany, Mark spent three years in Regensburg, Germany completing the Apprenticeship for Carpenters. He then earned his degree as a Journeyman Carpenter. Mark returned to the United States having honed his skills for 20 years before joining the DAC team back in September of 2019. While his journey in Germany was definitely one of his greatest achievements, he can also speak fluent German. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, camping, hunting and traditional archery. Mark’s future plans include traveling the country by motorhome alongside his wife, Monica. They will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this September.

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Our team of experienced builders collaborates closely with you and the entire project team to make your vision a reality - Dennis Alexander Construction LLC
Our team of experienced builders collaborates closely with you and the entire project team to make your vision a reality - Dennis Alexander Construction LLC
Our team of experienced builders collaborates closely with you and the entire project team to make your vision a reality - Dennis Alexander Construction LLC