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Dennis Alexander Construction | BUILDWITHDAC | Uniontown PA -15401
Headquartered in UNIONTOWN PA  

Southwestern Pa’s Best up and coming General Contractor

BUILDWITHDAC ™ is a general contractor and construction management company handling projects within a 2-hour radius of Uniontown, PA including the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

Serving Pittsburgh and the Southwestern PA market since 2008

Dennis Alexander Construction Our renovation and construction team is both a fully licensed and insured business in Fayette County.

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We have developed a full portfolio of specialized construction, contracting, building, and demolition projects. Our construction team has the skills, education, and experience for your next project. Learn more about BUILDWITHDAC 


Happy Clients

Highly Trained Employees'

Dennis Alexander Construction can  build any commercial property you need in Pittsburgh, PA 

Professional construction management and inspection for all types of projects

Leading effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function

Dennis Alexander Construction